H3 Hummer limo hire looks great. Ideal for Stag night limo hire, or birthday party limo hire, the Burton on Trent blue H3 Hummer limo is a favorite with the boys. Blue Hummer limo hire to Premier Bar on 55 Guild Street, Burton On Trent, DE14 1NB for some warm up drinks (after you have finished the complimentary champagne supplied in the H3 Hummer limo hire) then why not take the BLUE H3 HUMMER LIMO hire to the uba rooms, for quality entertainment and cheap drinks. Cocktail pitchers for �8, bottles of wine for �8, selected bottles �1 and �4 for 5 shots! Prices that cant be beaten in Hummer limo hire. Top name DJs play at uba, such as Trevor Nelson and entry to uba is free before 12pm, so for an unforgettable night out hire the blue H3 Hummer limo and head to uba on Guild Street.



Burton on Trent Hummer Limo Hire